Lois Prettyman

I’m Lois Prettyman. I’m an artist/writer/songwriter and self-proclaimed “professional gypsy.” All my life I have enjoyed art in all its forms. One would think that, as a writer, I could wax eloquent about what inspires me. Truth is, I haven’t a clue. If creativity were a switch I could flip on and off, I wouldn’t suffer from such serious bouts of artist’s/writer’s blocks now and then. I could happily embrace whatever trigger helped to get the creative juices flowing and just make lots and lots of junk. I confess, my home is filled with unfinished projects and ideas that never quite got off the ground. But there is a greater number of and deeper satisfaction for the things I have made, finished, and finally let go.

I joke with people that I have a bit of artistic ADD, because I have many creative loves and a flood of ideas along different venues. I like the title “professional gypsy,” inspired by my album and song of the same name, because it pretty well sums me up.

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