Gary Nadeau

I grew up surrounded by the arts. My father (an artist and actor) and mother (a singer and actress) were and continue to be great influences and supporters in my art.

I began my art career dabbling in pastels attending neighborhood art classes given by a very talented lady who lived across the street. All for the cost of 25 cents for pastel and paper.

My art interest extended through high school, my tour of duty in the Navy, and into college where I began majoring in commercial art. My artistic passion then turned to sculpture, painting, and photography so I switched majors to fine art. During this time in college I got a chance to travel to Europe to study art history.

After college I worked as a paste-up artist for a weekly newspaper, a guitar player, a glass engraver, and finally McDonnell Aircraft Co. (now Boeing). During my employment, I returned to college – this time majoring in Computer Science which makes sense as I always have said that “programming is like art – it’s all conceptual”.

It would be over 20 years before I would continue with my artwork. It was when my wife Lynne noticed a brochure for the Augusta Plein Air event in 2010 and said: “why don’t you go for it”. Since then I have been painting almost everyday and have won or placed in several competitions here in St. Charles county. My passion for painting is greater than or as great as when I was in my 20’s. I am enjoying painting the countryside of the beautiful state I grew up in and wandered as a youth.

I enjoy painting as life happens. The solitude of Plein air painting is very soothing and rewarding and I become lost in the world before me.

I am not concerned with creating a masterpiece. If it happens, fine, if not, that is fine also.

Art, like life, is about practice, patience, and surprises.