Tribute to the Masters Show

OLAG 2020 Spring Show
March 5th to April 26th

Receiving: March 2, 9am-12pm & 5:30pm-8:30pm
Reception: March 5, 6-7:30pm
Retrieval: April 27

We have all been inspired by notable artists who have gone before us. A master artist for this show is simply any notable artist living before 1970 (50 years ago or more). Your tribute can be in reproducing one of their works or in using their inspirational style to create your own masterpiece. When you sign your work, please give your artist credit by writing: “After _______” under your own signature.

Example: Joe Smith
After Henri Matisse

Entry fee (up to 3 pieces): $20 for members, $50 non-members (includes a 1 year membership)

Prizes: Best in Show: $65, 1st Place $40, 2nd Place: $30, 3rd Place: $15, Honorable Mention: Ribbon, and People’s Choice: $15 gift card. Rules and Regulations