Complementary/Complimentary Fall Art Show – Awards

Exhibition runs from August 24th to October 15, 2017 at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre.

Comments from the judge Jerry Thomas: Quite a few paintings are obvious copies of someone else’s photos. He recommends we stipulate that all work must be original to the artist—not a copy. The subjects and compositions need to be original. Also all water-based work should be under protective glass/acrylic.

1st—Jan Foulk –
2nd—Janine Helton
3rd—Mary Riney
HM—Joyce Rothermich

1st—Nora Schomogy
2nd—Angie Franco
3rd—Ollie Pemberton
HM—-Becky Green

1st—Lauren Fennewald
2nd—Janine Helton
3rd—Gary Nadeau
HM—Gary Nadeau

Best of Show: Pam Blevins “Orange Hibiscus”

Orange H